SCAA 2018 Senior Indoor Championship

Not all of the 8 of us entered for the competition were looking forward to it.  Some of us had been ‘persuaded’ to have a go and were a little apprehensive at the idea.  However we were in the car and on the motorway and there was no turning back now.

Immediately upon arrival we were made welcome by Robin Leveridge, who directed us to set up our gear and relax.

Team Bitton arrived pretty much all at the same time and we set up and had coffees and food whilst we chatted.  We were Lisa and Rob Fayers, Julie and Graham Hunter, Karen Blake and Colin Smith, Jeanette Barnett, Steve Biggs.  Terry Clark was also due to compete but was unfortunately unwell on the day.




We all assembled for the briefing and I noticed a few nervous faces, however we needn’t have worried.  The briefing was very light hearted and made us all smile.

For those of you that don’t know, we were shooting a Portsmouth, 20 ends of 3 arrows.  It’s well worthwhile practising with 3 arrows for a competition.  It certainly makes you concentrate.

I found myself shooting with a lovely guy called David who was an excellent archer and did most of the scoring and arithmetic for us.  It’s quite tiring shooting 20 ends of 3 arrows and David had already shot in the morning session.  He was shattered by the end.  During the shoot Team Bitton enjoyed the company and expertise of new archers.

However we were soon finished and spent a fair time chatting to each other and all the friends we had made during the shoot.  It really is worth entering a few competitions to get the experience of shooting with different people and to compete under a bit of pressure.

Incidentally we received a couple of comments on how smart our club colours looked!

Rob was really pleased with his day, he had managed a PB on his birthday.  However even better news arrived the following day when we discovered Rob had won a Bronze medal in the Gentlemen’s Compound. Colin had won A Bronze medal in Gentlemen’s Barebow and Julie had won Gold and the SCAA Champion Cup! For Ladies’ Barebow.

A brilliant result for the club and Congratulations to ALL those who took part.