Senior Ladder

Bitton Archers are running a ladder competition throughout our 2017-2018 indoor season.

Check back here for regular updates on your position on the ladder.

Previous challenge results are available at the bottom of this page

The scores in the following table are the best Portsmouth recorded for a challenge by the archer this season to give an indication of the score you would probably need to achieve to beat someone but the only way to move up the ladder is to challenge someone above you.

Senior Ladder

Rung Name Bowtype Score Adjusted Score Change
1 Gar Knapton Recurve 562 562
2 Colin Smith Barebow 493 539
3 Steve Biggs Recurve 537 537
4 Rob Morgan Compound 556 535
5 Rob Fayers Compound 557 537 up
6 Trevor Lapham Recurve 527 527 down
7 Karen Blake Barebow 454 515
8 Julie Hunter Barebow 431 500
9 Andrew Scragg Other 398 499
10 Jeannette Barnett Recurve 511 511
11 Martin Hutchings Recurve 505 505
12 Colin Gibbs Recurve 490 490
13 Terry Clark Recurve 461 461
14 Lee Golledge Recurve 457 457
15 Rodney Luton Barebow 392 475
16 Derek Barton Recurve 481 481
17 Liam Cadey Barebow 317 422
18 Graham Hunter Recurve 437 437
19 Elaine Beck Barebow 324 428
20 Mark Pollard Compound 398 324
21 Kirsty Bright Barebow 183 312

Portsmouth Score Conversion Tool



  • The Ladder will operate between 1st October and 31st March.
  • There will be 2 ladders, Junior and Adult.
  • Scores submitted on the first week will be used determine the starting position on the ladder.
  • Anyone not shooting on the first week will be added to the bottom of the ladder.
  • You can challenge the next person above you on the ladder who is available and accepts the challenge.
  • You can jump any people who are missing or decline challenges and challenge the next person above them who is available.
  • You can only challenge one person at a time.
  • You can challenge the next person available above you even if you have been challenged.
  • If there is no one available to challenge then advise the Records Officer.
  • If you win, you move above the person you have beaten If you lose or draw, you remain where you are.
  • Archers must shoot on the same boss.
  • Challenges between archers using different bow types will be adjusted using the tool available on the website for comparison.
  • Scores must be submitted on official score sheets, using normal competition practices and be signed by both archers on the day of the shoot.
  • Bowstyles are as defined in ArcheryGB Rules Of Shooting.
  • All Challenges and results must be notified to the Records Officer.
  • Challenge results will be processed from the top of the ladder first.
  • Any queries/disputes to be addressed to the Records Officer in the first instance and escalated if necessary to the Committee. The committee's decision is final.
  • There will be a trophy for the winner of each ladder.